Cloud storage is the future that provides the company with greater mobility and real-time collaboration applications. However, the biggest risk and cost for cloud services is cyber security. For every $1 spent on cloud storage $4 is spent on security to protect that storage. Nonetheless, for ever $4 spent on cyber-security around $25 is still lost to cyber-crime.

$1 Trilion PROBLEM: Cyber-security is expensive and ineffective

Cloud Storage

$40 Billion Market



$160 Billion Market

Cyber-Crime Losses

$1 Trillion Problem

About the project

Cloudlysafe is a fully decentralized project created to ensure security, privacy and anonymity. At a time when we are being spied by various types of agencies, companies, countries. Our files and activities are vulnerable to surveillance. The data is collected about us, making us watch out for everything we keep on our disks, in the clouds and what we do on our computers. We have created a fully decentralized project that will solve the problem of surveillance, ensure security and anonymity in the network. Staying low-cost and fast to use.


Our technology


Our data protection project uses a combination of the two best cryptographic algorithms, making us get the best protection.
Read more about our technology here: Our technology




The project is designed to hide the platform user’s location. Ensure the security of its files as well as prevent access to them by a third party.

As well as being able to use the computing power of the platform and the programs available on it, remaining completely anonymous.


How it works?

The platform offers many possibilities. Starting from sharing power with users, the ability to use programs available on the platform and as a data warehouse. Keeping privacy, anonymity and speed of action.




The user logs into our platform using an access key, using software to protect its location (onion routing). Uses the platform to get completely anonymous.


If he uses our platform as cloud storage, his files are secure and third parties have no possibility to steal them.

Our innovative file security system is responsible for that. The file that goes to the cloud is encrypted, then divided into parts and re-encrypted. And then its part is sent between the nodes of our infrastructure.

This process ensures full anonymity to the owners and full security of their files.





If it uses our computing power available to everyone. Also, its location is protected and remains completely anonymous. Our policy is simple. We share power and what you use it for is your business.


Token details

Token name:
Token symbol:
Token standard:
Total supply:
Minimum purchase:
Bonus list:



1 ETH = 500 CC
2 Ethereum
10 ETH + :5%
50 ETH + :10%
100 ETH + : 15%

1500 ETH
4000 ETH

Token distribution

Total Cloudlycoin supply:
Token sale allocation:
Allocate for team, bonuses and other:


Allocation of funds

The funds will be used to cover operational costs, such as starts-up costs, licenses, marketing, development, hardware, infrastructure, local office and lawyers.

How buy Cloudlycoin?

The procedure is simple:

You send a minimum of 2 ETH to the address below and then you receive the right amount of coins purchased.

ETH adress:   0xF47f65cE27B4Db44Dd2f1613A52290fdC54dFEfb


The minimum is 2 ETH all amounts below will be treated as donations.

Please do not send ETH from exchanges. After confirming the transaction, the right amount of coins will be sent to the address from which the ETH was sent.



BTC:   3NJUj1QuNyyEMHpjaHbi5EwT9UDAFPr6at

LTC:    MELdHCvFUXgVrqgTFrGC4iPti1A6CoZHrg

BCH:   qq37vnfn6ccgpr5a9w98czllju38a0q0nqtqqsk4lj

ETC:    0xc18912d1eB10342CFa19f76EB08275c414fF4f8d

Frequently asked questions

Being faithful to the beginning of cryptography and fully decentralized projects, we want to create such a project ourselves. Project for people from people. Where everyone will be anonymous.

Our industry is very dynamic. Therefore, we can not have a specific plan for all the activities we undertake. All of our main activities that we will carry out will be included in Whitepaper, which will be published if the project will raise funds minimal cap. We can only guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the project.


Our industry is very dynamic. Therefore, we can not have a specific plan for all the activities we undertake. All of our main activities that we will carry out will be included in Whitepaper, which will be published if the project will raise funds minimal cap. We can only guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the project.


ERC20 is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.  And has a lot of benefits like:

– Reduced complexity of understanding each type of token implementation.

– Enhanced liquidity of ERC20 tokens.

– Reduced risk of breaking contracts.

This procedure is safe. If you do everything according to our guidelines, you have nothing to worry about. Your transaction will be processed manually within 24 hours. If you do not receive any coins after 24h, please write to us.

We want to make sure that our company is viable, and that each investor can benefit from their investment in the future. After a careful review of our business plan and current performance, an investment that is less than 1500 ETH, is not sufficient to deliver the results we aim in achieving. So, until we have 1500 ETH committed, we will keep these funds locked in a reserve account. If we do not reach this goal, the funds will be returned to each investor that contributed to the offering.

The wallets must be compatible with the ERC20 token.


We can not grant 100% guarantee, but our coin will increase in value as our platfrom increases in popularity. Its value translates into a physical product that many ICO projects do not offer. The investment involves the risk of losing some of the funds.




A detailed description with the specificity of the action and will be published in Whitepaper. We have not received the relevant security documents at the moment.


For investors of 200 ETH or more:

You will automatically receive a lifetime access to the data store without capacity limits.

For investors of 500ETH or more:

You will get automatically lifetime access to all available capabilities of our platform, as well as part of the profit sharing.

For investors of 1000ETH or more:

We want to have a place at the table with your commitment to our company. You, with the consent of the Board of Directors, will become a member of the Board of Directors. You are a shareholder and you have a decision regarding our company.

We would love hear them. We are almost always available via email